About Us

Passion + Awesome People = Great Craft Beer

StoneHammer has a long history of creating exciting new brews while maintaining our cherished, traditional offerings.   

Our passionate staff is dedicated to using the finest all-natural ingredients to brew beer in small batches using traditional methods.    

Our passion for craft beer is in every batch we make.   

Our People, Our Passion, Your Beer

Our History

Founded in 1995 as F&M Brewery, StoneHammer has a 20+ year history of using handcrafted care and time-honoured methods to brew beer with the finest natural ingredients from around the world….a history that has continued since the brewery was purchased by a local family in January 2015. Since 2003, StoneHammer beers have earned 13 Gold, 6 Silver and 9 Bronze Ontario and Canadian Brewing Awards.  

The Brewery

Our facilities include a 20hL direct fire copper kettle, 20hL to 60hL fermenters and aging vessels, 20hL and 60hL bright tanks, kegging, canning and casking capabilities. 

Our Brewery

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Fire Brewed

StoneHammer uses a 20hL direct fire copper kettle.

Copper is the traditional material for brewing beer. Copper transfers heat quickly and evenly, resulting in a vigorous, rolling boil. The kettle also imparts trace amounts of copper into the wort which is beneficial to the health of the yeast and also reduces unwanted aromas and flavours in the final beer. 

Direct firing allows us to caramelize some of the sugars in the wort, imparting pleasant flavours and aromas in the beer while also developing some colour. This is key to many of our award-winning ales. While the flame can be intense when caramelization is desired it can be finely controlled for pale beers.  

Fermentation and Aging

Fermentation, aging and bright tank capacities from 20hL to 60hL gives StoneHammer the flexibility for smaller batches of limited release, specialty beers and greater efficiency for producing our popular classics.    


A vast majority or our beer goes into cans and kegs with some being casked. We are very proud to be using a Canadian made canning system from Cask   

Fire Brewed Beer