Current One-Off & Speciality Beers

English IPA

craft beer, brewery, guelph, one-off, IPA, india pale ale, hops, hoppy

Originally popular because sailors in the British East India Company liked to drink, this style is steeped in tradition and extra hops.

Though less hoppy than American versions, and therefore retaining a  toffee like, biscuit malt character, StoneHammer English IPA still features a pronounced hop profile.

6.5% alc/vol, 50 IBU, FG: 2.5°P


craft beer, brewery, guelph, one-off, lager, german, schwarzbier, dark

Brewed to celebrate the 19th birthday of The Dragon Comic & Game Store.

A style dating back to the 1300s, this schwarzbier  pours very dark with hints of chocolate and coffee.

 5.1% alc/vol, 25IBU, FG: 2.5°P 

Belgian Mild

craft beer, brewery, guelph, one-off, mild ale, belgian

Crafted with Belgian malts and yeast this beer pours a deep mahogany. 

Smooth rounded malt flavour. hints of chocolate and caramel. 

Balanced hop with light floral aroma.  

3.0% alc/vol, 40 IBU, FG: 1.5°P

Cheers! Proost! Gesondheid! Santé


craft beer, brewery, guelph, one-off, shandy, green tea, ginger, yerba mate, pale ale

This shandy is a refreshing blend of

our Pale Ale with an invigorating ginger/yerba mate/green tea blend.

2.5% alc/vol, 15 IBU

Seasonal Beers

Dunkel - Fall Seasonal

craft beer, brewery, guelph, one-off, seasonal, dunkel, dark, lager

Available October to January

Bronze Medal Winning Dark German Lager

A malt sweetness and breadiness derived from Munich malt is accentuated, but not overwhelmed, by the addition of nobel German hops.

5.3 %alc/vol, 25 IBU, FG: 2.5°P 

Baltic Porter - Winter Seasonal

craft beer, brewery, guelph, one-off, seasonal, baltic, porter, dark, lager

Available December to April

Multiple Gold Medal winning Baltic Porter

First, the mahogany and deep crimson hue is complimented by a modest mocha head. Rich malt sweetness dominates the aroma of toffee and black currant. The palate begins sweet and descends into full bodied dark fruit punctuated by a slightly roasted malt character finishing with a pleasing warmth.

7.8% alc/vol, 34 IBU, FG: 4.2°P 

Maple Red Ale - Spring Seasonal

craft beer, brewery, guelph, one-off, maple, maple syrup, shady grove, seasonal, ale

Available March to June

Multiple Gold Medal Winner

Maple flavours are balanced perfectly with a slightly bitter finish. Made with local maple syrup from our friends at Shady Grove.

5% alc/vol, 20 IBU,  FG: 3°P 

Fire Brewed Beer